New Delhi Institute of Management


As a part of our digital transformation initiatives, we have started issuing the digital copies of the Diploma & Transcripts w.e.f. Batch 2018-2020.

These records are issued using W3C compliant standards and anchored on Blockchain making them tamperproof and time stamped.

You can verify them instantly on our VERIFICATION PAGE

How to verify

You would receive the Diploma / Transcript from our students in any of the following formats.

1. PDF of softcopy issued to students – It will have a link at the bottom (Click logo to verify on Blockchain) to click that will automatically initiate verification of document on our website


2. Scanned JPEG / PDF of the hardcopy of the Diploma / Transcript issued to students - The document will be having a QR Code (Scan to verify on blockchain) on the lower right corner which should be scanned and the document will be verified online.


3. .json file – It’s the techie version of the record. Visit our verification page and upload this file to verify the document.

What you need to check

1. Content – Please check the online blockchain version of the content and compare with the PDF or data shared with you by the student

2. Signing Key – Check our Public key showing on the certificate shared with you and match it with the key on our website.

If they both match then the digital record shared with you is authenticated.

Some of the salient feature of these are

One Click Verification

o To save you manual verification process that takes weeks


o These records are blockchain anchored to make it tamper proof. Any change in the document will fail the verification test

Trusted Documents

o These are signed by our Institute’s public keys to confirm us as the authentic issuer

Time Stamped

o The date and time of issuance is recorded and is verifiable in the document

CLICK HERE know more about Digital Credentials issued through Blockchain


Please note that New Delhi Institute of Management will not be responding to any manual verification requests (Post or Email) for the academic records of our students starting the Batch 2018-2020 onwards.

This is the only verification process being followed henceforth for Batch 2018-2020 onwards