New Delhi Institute of Management


As a part of our digital transformation initiatives, we have started issuing the digital copies of the Diploma & Transcripts w.e.f. Batch 2018-2020.


These documents are issued using W3C compliant standards and anchored on BLOCKCHAIN, making them tamperproof and time stamped.


Some of the salient feature of these digitally issued Blockchain based documents are

Lifetime Record

o You can keep these in your Email / Online storage.


Easily Shareable

o You can share them over email to your employers or any other authorities that you would need to.

o You can Post them on your social media, LinkedIn, FB, Insta, Twitter.


One Click Verification on Blockchain

o Your employer can verify them instantly online on our website . This will make their hiring decision quick and fast instead of routine 2-4 weeks verification through HR.


Trusted Documents

o These are blockchain anchored to make it secure, tamper proof and time stamped


CLICK HERE know more about Digital Credentials issued through Blockchain


Formats of the Diploma & Transcript


You will receive the Diploma & Transcript through email, in following formats.


1. PDF – Store it anywhere permanently for your records for seeing and sharing with anyone. The PDF will have a verification link. The receiver / verifier can click it for instant verification.


2. .json file – It’s the techie version of your documents. Store in along with your PDF. Some organisations may ask you to share this too alongwith the PDF.

Important information for Verifiers

For information about Digital Credentials and how to verify, please visit the Verifiers Information page


Visit the verification page to authenticate the digital records issued by New Delhi Institute of Management.


Please note that New Delhi Institute of Management will not be responding to any manual verification requests (Post or Email) for the academic records of our students starting the Batch 2018-2020 onwards.